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– April 28, 2018 – MOVABOWL was on The San Diego Union-Tribune

Jay Akar, 47, of San Clemente. who specializes in making homes accessible to disabled residents, noticed that many of his clients could not get to the bathroom without assistance.

So he has patented a 21st century chamber pot that is hygienic, efficient and preserves the dignity of a user. [Read More]







Movabowl - The Orange County Register – November 22, 2017 – MOVABOWL was on The Orange County Register




Movabowl - The Orange County Register

– January 2016 – MOVABOWL was on HME Business News
Movabowl - HME-Business-News
Movabowl - HME-Business-News_2016-01


– December 2015 – MOVABOWL was on HME News
Movabowl - HME News, Dec. 2015