Jay Akar


Jay Akar has been working in the ADA Accessibility industry since 2003. During his career, he has designed and constructed thousands of home modifications to make homes more accessible for people with disabilities. From his many years of experience working with disabled and aging clients, he noticed a great need for a solution to make it easier to use the toilet. Many clients had trouble getting to the bathroom due to physical mobility issues or accessing the bathroom due to narrow hallways and doorways. This need inspired the idea of bringing the toilet out of the bathroom to where the disabled person is located. C.A.P.S. (Certified Aging in Place Specialist, 2007) C.S.L.B. Lic.# B-829477 (General Contractor License, 2003) C.S.U.L.B. Bachelor of Science (Graduated, 1994)


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Movabowl is the world’s first movable and flushable toilet. The main benefits of this innovation is that it makes it easier for people with disabilities to use the toilet and it also makes it easier for nurses to take care of people with disabilities. This unique design allows the toilet bowl to travel out of the bathroom to where the disabled person is located. Then the mobile toilet bowl is used in a location outside of the bathroom. Finally, the mobile toilet bowl returns to the docking station in the bathroom and can be flushed. With this process, the handling of waste is eliminated. In most cases, nurses no longer have to sterilize commode chairs, sterilize bed pans, and change diapers. In addition to the convenience of bringing the toilet next to the disabled person, the use of this innovation is a more pleasant experience for the user because it feels just like a standard toilet and has water in the bowl.

This innovation will also dramatically reduce the amount of falls that many people with mobility issues suffer from every year. The US population is now 318 million. Approximately 25% of the population are senior citizens; becoming disabled due to age. Approximately 30% of adults are suffering from obesity; excessive weight damaging knees, feet, and hip joints that cause disability. Approximately 25% of the population is Diabetic; causing amputations of feet and legs. Diabetes also causes severe pain in the feet nerves. With a population that has a high percentage of elderly, obese and diabetic members, there will be many people that will be suffering from walking problems, knee problems, hip problems, strokes, heart attacks, etc. All these problems create physical disabilities and mobility issues; thus making it difficult to get to the bathroom and use the toilet.


-MOVABOWL consists of two parts; docking station and mobile toilet bowl. The docking station is permanently plumbed to the water supply and sewage drain just like a standard toilet. The mobile bowl portion has the capability to split away from the docking station and be used in an area away from docking station. Then the mobile bowl can return to the docking station and reconnect in order to flush away the waste.

-Docking Station is plumbed exactly like a standard toilet. It will have a sewage drain connection and a fresh water supply connection. MOVABOWL has been designed so that any toilet in any home can be removed and replaced with a MOVABOWL; without any special installation skill or parts. It is installed exactly like a standard toilet.

-Mobile Bowl: The bowl portion of unit becomes mobile and can be moved to different rooms or areas in the home so that the person does not have to walk to the bathroom.

-Caster wheels under mobile toilet bowl is what makes the bowl portion of the bowl mobile. These wheels are able to move in different directions with ease. The wheels are able to travel on many different flooring surfaces; carpet, tile, wood, etc.

-Wide base: The base of the mobile bowl section is wide to prevent tipping over to the side.

-Wheel locks: The wheels under the mobile bowl will lock when getting on or off the bowl. In the locked position, the bowl will not roll away creating a safety hazard.

-Arm Rests: The bowl will have arm rests that can be utilized to hold onto as a person is getting up or sitting down on the bowl.

-Back Rest: The toilet seat cover will be made of sturdy plastic to act as a back rest while sitting on the bowl.

-Sealed Toilet Seat Cover: The toilet seat and the seat cover will have rubber seals in order to create an air and water tight seal when in the closed position. These seals will prevent odors from escaping bowl and will prevent water from sloshing out when bowl is in transit.

-Seat Belt: In addition to arm rests and a back rest providing upper body support, there will be a seat belt for additional upper body support in case the user has upper body weakness. This belt provides added safety.

-Sealed Water channels: The unique design of MOVABOWL is that it has automatic mechanically operated valves that seal off the clean water channel and the sewage waste channel so that the bowl is capable of separating from the base and traveling away from the base. This system is what makes this innovation mobile. These valves also automatically open the water and sewage waste channels when the bowl returns to the base; thus making it capable to flush away the waste.

-Self Cleaning: When the bowl is returned to the docking station, there will be a spray of water to rinse the entire inside of bowl and under seat cover in case dirty water splashed while in transit.

-Odor Suppressant Tablets: There will always be the option of placing odor suppressing blue toilet tablets that are chlorinated to assist with odor suppression and sanitation. The same type used in standard toilets can be purchased anywhere and used.

-Made of plastic for weight and safety: Standard toilets are made of porcelain. Since they are installed stationary, there is no concern with weight and risk of shattering. MOVABOWL will be made with a durable polymer plastic body that has an antibacterial sealed surface. The plastic will be lighter to transport and the risk of cracking or shattering will be eliminated.

-Flushing disabled when bowl is away from docking station. This feature would prevent water spilling of water on the ground when bowl is away from docking station.

-Seal methane gas leakage from sewage system: The internal design of sewage drain channel will insure that methane gas from sewage system will not escape toilet and cause an odor leakage.

-Cleaning and Sanitation made easier: The care and cleaning for MOVABOWL is exactly like a standard toilet. In fact, it may be cleaned even better than a standard toilet because it is capable of being taken outside for more extensive washing with a water hose as an option. Care takers will appreciate MOVABOWL because it will eliminate the washing of commode chair buckets, bed pans, and diapers.


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